Like a million black butterflies

The book that will make them love their hair.

Described as « nappyhead », natural afro hair is sometimes mocked and little girls may have trouble accepting it, or even finding themselves beautiful with it.

This story is inspired by a sentence from Toni Morrison’s novel God help the child: « Her clothes were white, her hair like a million black butterflies asleep on her head. »

Because she is being made fun of, Adé doesn’t like her hair. Guided by her mother and aunts, she will slowly find out the beauty of those butterflies, asleep on her head, until they finally take flight.

This book is printed on-demand, with a customized dedication. It can be shipped worldwide. Available in French and English.

Writer : Laura Nsafou (alias Mrs Roots)

Illustrator : Barbara Brun

Size : 26 x 21 CM

Age : 5 – 9 ANS

Number of pages : 32

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